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KLR performs roofing services for Flat Roofs

These structures have different issues than a pitched roof. Whether you need flat roof repair or a brand new flat roof we are more than happy to assist both residential and commercial clients. When you do need repairs for a flat roof it is extremely important your roofing contractor understands the right method for different applications. Flat roofs are efficient and often considerable less than a pitched roof because normally there is less labor involved. A flat roof is not actually flat is just the term used to described a low pitch roof, no roof should be truly flat.

One of the biggest difference besides the obvious visual difference in flat roofs is the maintenance needed. While flat roofs are mush easier to clean for a homeowner the drainage is not as effective as the standard pitched roof. It is important for regular inspections and maintenance on flat roofs as the drainage can become clogged with things like leaves, sticks and various other items. If a drain is clogged it leads to roof leaks and roof damage. A flat roof can last a very long time if maintained. It is recommended to have an inspection twice a year on a flat roof to identify issues before the become major problems.

If you need a repair or inspection on your flat roof contact us right away before the issue becomes a major headache and problem for you, there are no jobs too small or big for us. We are certified by major manufacturers including Owens Corning, Gerard, Certainteed, Mule Hide, Gaco and Tropical Roofing Products and licensed in the State of Florida.

Flat Roof Systems:

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Modified Bitumen

BUR (Built Up Roofing)


Not sure if you are ready to make the call to a qualified roofing company? Here are some things you can do to inspect your roof before calling KLR Roofing Corp.

Inside of Your Home

Outside of Your Home

Top of Your Flat Roof

  • Walk through each room of your home and look at the ceiling carefully taking your time to look for any discoloration. Often if there is a leak on your roof a dark colored ring will be present around the saturated area of your ceiling.
  • Also note that where you see the dark ring does not always indicate that the leak is directly above the mark on your roof. Flat roofs have layers which can direct water to another area of your home, even feet away.
  • Clean you roof to make sure you get all the leaves and debris off.
  • Trim back overhanging trees, branches and shrubs.
  • While walking your roof notice how it feels under your feet. If it feels soft, spongy, weak or if you see water coming from any part of the membrane, quickly and safely get off of the roof and call us immediately.
  • If the roof feels good and solid under your feet than look for obvious cracks and check all the seals and any penetration areas (such as pipes and flashing which penetrate the roof.) Look to see if they are smooth and fully adhered.
  • Look for blisters on your roof. These are the areas that look to be bubbles and there may be moisture trapped under them.


If you see any causes of concern from the list above or if it appears the roof membrane has moved or shrunk give us a call and we can get an inspection done for you to verify any issues and help identify solutions.

If you are searching for the best and trustworthy Palm Beach roofing company then give us a call at (561) 603-9914 and discuss your project and questions with us. We look forward to working with you!

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Knowing how important our reputation is, and how hard we worked to accomplish this reputation we warranty all of our work.

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Our customer satisfaction ratings are outstanding, and we’d be happy to share those with you.

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