Shingle Roofs

A shingle roof is often considered the most economical initial investment for residential roofs. Available in architectural shingles and 3-tab shingles, which is considered the basic shingle roof, this system is a very common choice. With shingles you get the traditional roof look and they come in a vast array of color options and blends. With this application there is an adhesive strip installed at the factory, which is activated by the heat of the sun after it is installed on your roof, which seals the shingles.

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3 Tab Shingle roofs have been around a long time to say the least and are very popular in Florida as well as America in general. These are essentially flat asphalt shingles with a uniform size and shape. They are a lower investment and lighter than architectural as they use less material. As they use less material they are also thinner and typically have a manufacturers warranty less than that of architectural shingles. While 3 tab remains popular architectural, or dimensional, shingles are now becoming much more common on the every day home due to their benefits. While there is a larger initial investment needed they last longer, are thicker, have longer warranty periods and are more aesthetically appealing to the eye.


Thanks to technology and advancements you can have more than just a black shingle on your roof. There are a ton of options with colors including blacks, browns, greens, blues, reds and even off white. Mike or Michelle are available via telephone or email to walk you through all your choices from investment costs, colors and styles to suit your individual needs and desires. We know it can be overwhelming with so many choices and will be glad have a conversation and help guide you on your choices for your home or business.

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KLR Roofing Corp is a trusted, licensed Florida roofing contractor and are certified contractors for many of the top names in the roofing industry.

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