Roof Coatings

KLR does Roof Coating

When it comes to coating roofs KLR Roofing uses Gaco Western products and is an approved contractor with them. We use them because of the superior product and the value it brings to our clients. With a roof coating not only is it saving home owners a ton of money up front but also helping reduce the overall life long costs associated with any roofing system. When you have your roof coated one of the big cost savings is as long as the roof is structurally sound you do not need to do full tear offs of your roof along with less maintenance costs and time overall for the life of your roof.

coating a roof with silicon

Silicone Roof Coating Systems

We use a silicone roof coating system that can be applied to virtually any roof, whether its flat, slopped, large or small. The roof coating provides a solution to renew your old roof by creating a seamless membrane that helps protect against ultraviolet light, ponding and/or pooling water and severe weather. Silicone will not degrade, crack or chalk under the harsh ultraviolet rays. The seamless membrane it creates makes for a smooth surface which is resistant to mold, staining and mildew. With our silicone roof coatings glossy, high reflective finish it can also help to reduce the energy costs associated with your family home and your commercial properties.

roof coating with Gaco western products


This type of system is an amazing choice because of it’s costs, look, benefits and how quickly we can finish your roofing project and get off of your property so you can return to life as normal. Mike or Michelle are happy to talk to anyone looking for more information on roof coating in South Florida and can answer any questions you have and help you understand all the options you have when it’s time to update your roof.


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KLR Roofing Corp is a trusted, licensed Florida roofing contractor and are certified contractors for many of the top names in the roofing industry.

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