Metal Roofing

Metal Roofs are durable, lightweight and attractive.

KLR Roofing loves to work on metal roofs. There are many architectural choices as well as an array of color choices. A benefit of these roofs is they last 2 to 3 times longer than the standard shingle roof. Also when it comes to these amazing roofs a portion of recycled materials is normally used in their fabrication and unlike shingle roofs where all the debris is thrown into the landfill when removed a metal roof is recycled when it’s removed from your home,  so they can be considered environmentally friendly. Many of the roofing system colors are Energy Star approved as they reflect the heat and sunlight away from the interior of your home. Some studies show households with metal roofs saving up to 40% in energy costs each year.

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Metal Roof Styles

Beyond color options there are also 3 main metal roofing systems KLR typically installs. They are:

Standing Seam

metal roof with a standing seam

A standing seam metal roof is named from their visual appearance of having a raised seam where the panels join together. Sometimes they may also be referred to as barn roofing or commercial roofing as many barns and such appear to utilize this type of system. They are joined together with 2 seams per panel. The ribs of the panels also stand out more than a 5V Crimp roof which is something to consider for appearance. The screws (fasteners) are concealed on this system so it has a lower possibility of the screws rusting.

Stone Coated

metal roof designs with stone coated

Stone Coated metal roofs are visually amazing and also have a very long life span. This technology stone coats the metal roof. You can get them in various colors and styles to mimic shingle roofs, tile roofs and cedar shake roofs. With this system you get the look you want with much less weight and a longer life cycle along with all the other benefits. While stone coated is more expensive their life expectancy, gorgeous appearance and energy savings often outweigh the additional initial investment.

5 V Crimp

Five V crimp metal roofing

The 5V Crimp metal roofing system may be referred to the classic or old-time tin roof. These roofs have their fasteners exposed
and each section looks to have 5 “V’s” in them. A great choice that also comes in color choices to fit any style.


Color Choices

Color choices for metal roofs are vast including whites, blacks, browns, blues, greens, reds and yellow/golds. Mike and Michelle would be happy to go over all your color and style choices just give them a call or shoot them an email.

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KLR Roofing Corp is a trusted, licensed Florida roofing contractor and are certified contractors for many of the top names in the roofing industry.

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